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yarak meaning and definition

the turkish word for penis.You can call it people without them knowing what the fuck you are on about.

Bad Girl meaning and definition

1) A woman who defies accepted social norms of "good girl" behavior. 2) A lot of fun!

Send Nudes meaning and definition

Verb: The act of sending pictures of a woman's Tits (with an added pissflap and ass picture), to a friend that you trust

Real Love meaning and definition

when all you can think about is that one person when you know you'd do absolutely anything for him/her, no matter how painful it is when you don't need terms to define what you share when you don't need physicality to know how much you two are in love with each other

Fuckgirl meaning and definition

Typically a girl who says she'll always be there but will leave when the relationship gets hard.She will think she is always right. A true fuck girl will throw your past and flaws in your face to make her look good. She will not see you for you now and believe what others say. But a true fuck girl will find a new man fast because typically beautiful and will flaunt him to get a reaction. A girl like this won't ask for anything from a anyone just to keep her with a clean record to throw back at you later. It's hard to spot these girls But if you are feeling unwanted and she shows no effort of change is a good sign. Along with calling mostly every male a fuckboy.

circle jerk meaning and definition

Sometimes used to describe an internet forum thread where forum members all give each other kudos (Or rep where a rep system is present) for some non-event that has occurred.Group intellectual masturbation.

Fake love meaning and definition

1)Fake love's when your homey give you dap Smile in your face but he want yo' ass clapepd 2)Fake love - so my friends is enemies and my enemies be friends Don't show no love, don't pretend 3)Fake love is when a nigga set you up How he knew about your chain when your shit was tucked.

sad boy meaning and definition

Teen male who enjoys colorful computer aesthetics from the early 00's ans proudly sips Arizona Iced Tea. Usually has a sharp sense of style, generally wearing black and white outfits with bucket hats. The sad boy, or commonly spelled sadboi, truly has a taste for alternative hip-hop music, like Tyler the Creator, Drake and Yung Lean. The sad boy culture glorifies negative emotions and depressed mental states.Symbols: Sad face and japanese lettering

Sad Girl meaning and definition be avoided at all costs. 2. will more than likely be trying to claw at the eyes.

Two Kids in a Sandbox meaning and definition

The single most disgusting video on the web, in which a dude gets a dildo shoved in his penis.

shiba meaning and definition

a type of marijuana

cyka blyat meaning and definition

cyka blyat is a inproper slur of Russain words usually meaning "whore bitch". This term is usaully shouted multiple hundreds of times per day in European CS GO servers. Originated in the CS GO community but has since spread to other games, mainly in the PC gaming community. A dank meme.

guro meaning and definition

Ero-Guro, most frequently shortened to just 'Guro' is short for 'Erotic Grotesque'. It is a sub-genre of hentai featuring blood, gore, disfiguration, torture, and bloody amputees. Many, if not most people to see it either see it funny, cool, or gross, although there are some that see it sexually attractive. Guro is just art, not real.

Hana meaning and definition

Irresistible. Insanly beautiful. The cats meow. Comes from the word HELLARIOUS. She makes you laugh.

turn down for what meaning and definition

an annoying song that doesn't really say anything. It repeats the same phrase over and over. It has a slightly catchy beat and that is about all.

bad boy meaning and definition

the state of being both unable and unwilling to stop. eh eh, eh eh.

Surprise Motherfucker meaning and definition

When a black dude approaches you unexpectedly

wifey meaning and definition

Derived from the noun "wife", it is used to indentify one's girlfriend (either signifying her potential as a wife, implying the presence of spousal attributes, or to indicate her ownage in order to fend off perverted dickheads who try and catch a look at one's girl.)

rich kids meaning and definition

Unlike the commonly understood vernacular, "rich kid" does not refer to a kid who is actually rich. And it shouldn't. A rich kid is someone who has the attitude of someone rich, but not the money. The attitude is the most important part of the definition. You are no longer a rich kid if your attitude changes. Having family money does not qualify you to be a rich kid; only your perception does.

seke meaning and definition

A slang word usually used in yaoi (male/male intimate relationships) culture, made by combining the Japanese terms "seme" (the dominant one) and "uke" (the submissive one). It describes a person that enjoys both positions in a relationship and moves between the two based on his mood, the mood of his partner, and the situation itself.

I potato you meaning and definition

I potato you is between I like you and I love you.Due to the lack of a good english word to represent the stage between a crush and love, potato has developed as an inbetween word.Potatos start small and grow representing the growth from like to love crush relationship

i124Q meaning and definition

a term oftentimes used as a replacement for "i want to fork you"

Gitchee gitchee goo meaning and definition

Gitchi Gitchi Goo means That I Love You - From the song by Phineas and Ferb

boy trap meaning and definition

Boy Trap is a male character that crossdresses as a girl specifically to attract males. This is usually in anime.

show love meaning and definition

Using your heart to make decisions.

R18 meaning and definition

Form of rating for movies that are 18+

FILA meaning and definition

F - Feel I - In L - Ladies A - Ass

putang ina mo meaning and definition

Puta = whore / bitch Ina = mother Mo = you the phrase then means 'Your mother's a whore'. sometimes they say that the english version is 'son of a bitch'. why? when they say 'putang ina mo', since they're saying that to you, that makes you makes you a 'son of a bitch'

vigga meaning and definition

Half African and half Vietnamese. A ghetto/gangster Vietnamese person. Also can be pronounced as vigger.

anagapesis meaning and definition

Definition: Anagapesis (pronounced: ana-ga-PE-sis); Greek; noun 1. Falling out of love; the feeling of not loving someone or something once loved.