A Fuck Girl meaning and definition

A Fuck Girl meaning

A Female Who Acts Good But She's Bad AF , She's Definitely A Gold Digger Her Mom Was Too , She's Only Fucks With You For The Fame Because Y'all Trending On Relationship Goals, She's Ready To Accuse You Of Cheating/Thinks Every Nigga Is A Fuck Boy, She's In One A Your Niggaz Inbox And Gets Emotional When You Try To Leave Her Hoe Ass, Probably Fucking Another Nigga While You Read This.

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AGADÖ meaning and definition

Agadö is an expression that people in Sweden might use while feeling uncomfortable, scared or even shocked. It all started with Andreas, currently residing in Sweden.

a gaggle of porch dicks meaning and definition

when someone within a group of 3 or more yells disparaging or negative comments as per a porch dick, But has left the safety of his porch with 2 or more mates that act as a metaphorical, yet presumably as safe, porch while still being 100% a dick.

agalmatophilia meaning and definition

The sexual attraction to statues.

Agape Love meaning and definition

Agape love is firstly, universal. It is a universal love. We loves each and everyone. We doesn’t love you for the color of your skin. We doesn’t love just one race. We doesn’t love a particular tribe or clan. We loves every race, every person in this world. It’s like God’s Love. It says God loved the world. He doesn’t just love the Israelites. God loves the Arabs too. God loves everybody. Again, as I said; It is a universal love. And if your heart has not been touched by agape love, you will probably still be biased or prejudiced against another race. If you have a prejudice in your heart against another tribe or race or even people of different social position, your heart has not been touched by this agape love. You could only love those who are emotionally bonded to you. You cannot love the agape love. agape love; a universal love to everybody without prejudice, without consideration of their worthiness to be loved. It’s a universal love.

a garbage man meaning and definition

The retort to any person's lame excuse of "I know what you are, but what am I?" Can be easily out-dissed by the secondary retort, "Takes one to no one."


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