Aimbot meaning and definition

Aimbot meaning

An aimbot is an very complex peice of programming that, in effect, takes data from your game, and uses that data to lock on the heads of enemy targets. The aimbots you probably know are more accuratley called "Engine-Aims," because your PC, not you, is aiming the gun (with the data collected by the aimbot) (from counter hack) An Aimbot is a program or script that aims at the enemy for the cheater. There are three different styles of Aimbots: Colored Models, Engine-Aim, and XQZ Style. Each method has a unique style of accomplishing the Aimbot effect. Aimbots are cheats because it has the computer aim for the cheater, and gives an extremely unfair advantage for the enemy, and is illegal in gaming leagues. Engine-Aim and XQZ Style are similar in a lot of ways. Engine-Aim hacks usually “hook” into the Half-Life game engine, like a positive virus. It doesn’t alter any of the gaming files usually, but instead it modifies the memory in your RAM Half-Life runs on. From there the hack has information about the current game you are in, including the location of an opponent’s head. The hack uses this information to aim for your, hence they name Engine-Aim, using actual game data to aim for the cheater. This style of Aimbot is very dynamic and customizable. The hack can watch for players anywhere around the cheater, including right behind the cheater, turn 180 degrees and kill the enemy, or only aim at players close to their crosshairs, to help lower suspicion about the cheater’s hacking.

Aimbot meaning

A lame tool used by useless players of FPS games to compensate for their pitiful skills and lack of rudimentary intelligence. Usually a reason for permanent ejection and banning from all reputable servers everywhere.

Aimbot meaning

A game hack (AKA cheat) used by lamers as replacement for their lack of skill. An aimbot essentially "locks" the players crosshairs onto any nearby opponents, eliminating the need to aim. Such hacks are quite obvious when spectating the cheating player, and they are usually booted from the server or banned altogether.

Aimbot meaning

One of the only tools in existence used exclusively by tools. It is a name for a number of programs that you can illegally download off of the internet, that helps you cheat against the other players when playing shooter games. The hardest part of a shooter video game is that you have to constantly move, think, strategize, and shoot at the enemy all at once. The aimbot completely eliminates all of that. The aimbot draws your aim automatically directly to the enemy's head, and sometimes even fires the gun for you. All you have to do when you have an aimbot is go find a place to crouch or hide, and the computer does the rest of the work for you. Different aimbots have different levels of "cheaterness." Some you still have to shoot your gun, others just draw your aim to the body of your opponent and not necessarily the head. There are three arguements that support the use of aimbots. 1. That disabled people need to use them to play normally. Obviously if you are too disabled to play video games, why are you playing them. There are other fun things to do. 2. That they arent really "cheats" they just help the player. Some players have this attitude like "oh i should just use whatever i can to help me play the game." Gaming is a huge industry that is taken very seriously. I promise you that everything you need in order to play any big budget shooter game is already within the game itself. Therefore, using ANYTHING else is cheating. 3. That aimbots dont really affect the other players, it just makes the aimbot user have more fun. Someone with an aimbot doesnt have to try in order to play the game. In a single round, an aimbot user will get maybe let's say...150 kills. The person in second (non aimbot user) will get maybe 75. If the person using the aimbot wasnt using one, then all of the kills that he got by cheating (and definitely would not have gotten otherwise) would be distributed amongst all the other players. Not only are you stealing all the fun for yourself when you use an aimbot, you are stealing it from the other players. Also, when you're wandering across the stage (in cover or not) and someone from across the entire stage constantly picks you off with one bullet even though they arent even using a sniper rifle, it ruins the entire game. Not only are the frustrating and inexplicable kills defeating to the spirit of the player, but they also eliminate all the player's possibility for strategy. If that aimbot user hadn't constantly picked off that player and all the others randomly, each and every one of those players would have continued on in that player life, having the chance to kill other players and have fun. I'm sure you can see mathematically how an aimbot actually throws off the whole game for everyone. Basically, people who use aimbots just use them, because they are antisocial cowards whose only outlet is video games. But just because you're an antisocial coward doesnt mean you are good at video games, lots of video games take skill. So these people use aimbots to wield some kind of pathetic power over other human beings if only for a frail moment. What a bunch of little hitlers.

Aimbot meaning

a hack used by gamers that automatically zeroes them in on the target, giving them an instant headshot

Aimbot meaning

A piece of software or binary programming that is used inside computer games to help a user aim at his opponents with out the aid of actual physical mouse movement. Usually programmed to help rather than hinder player game interaction. Can also be very obvious when in use. Aimbots were first widely used in wordCounter Strike in late 2001 but have spawned into many other games

Aimbot meaning

Automated robots on Aol Instant Messenger(aim) that constantly go off topic and try to help out the average user. Known Bots: -Moviefone(Helps on upcoming movies and ones showing in theaters) -Smarterchild(Can help on anything needed and usually sways offtopic very quickly) -HowToUseIM(For beginners just getting aim to learn the basics) -ZolaOnAol(Now retired but was just like Smarterchild. If you IM her now she will put the same retired message up and offer you to IM Smarterchild) -AOLSafetyBot(Used to learn how to stay protected over the internet from trojans, viruses, worms and other intruders)

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To ejaculate on a females face when it was mutually understood it was only ok to ejaculate on her breasts. So you 'accidentally' aimed high.

aimware meaning and definition

A cancerous company specializing in spreading autism in the CS:GO hacking community and other games. If you see one of them being beaten, they are probably using aimware.

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1- poo-tunnel 2- bad driver

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