Art Block meaning and definition

Art Block meaning

When an artist, may it be anime or not, finds his or herself at a lack of ideas.

Art Block meaning

It's the worst fucking thing for an artist to ever encounter. It's when you run out of ideas to draw things off, and temporarily loose all motivation to do anything art related. You'll often see artists on deviantART not post anything for a while, and then come back complaining of an art block.

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Art by trade meaning and definition

1. a culture that nurtures many forms of art from inception to completion. 2. the act of two or more artist exchanging their art to create a greater art. 3. one who is skilled or specially trained to make a living in the creative arts.

art class meaning and definition

An organized instructional session where a pretentious prick stands at the front of the room, brags about themself, and proceeds to deliver unfair criticism of a student's work. In many cases, the students are also pretentious pricks, who spend their entire time debating about the relevance of unknown and insignificant artists and galleries, or trying to pitch/sell their own work to others. Others may occupy their time in the art class by kissing the teachers a$$, fueling his/her ego further.

artcore meaning and definition

A music genre that is an combination of many other genres. It is different from Complextro, which is a combination of many different EDM genres. Artcore doesn't have an official definition, as it is only composed by very few artists.

Artemis meaning and definition

A gorgeouse girl mainly a Leo, Scorpio or Gemini.has great features. Light eyes and with dark skin, mainly light hair.One of a kind unforgettable. If you meet a Artemis you will fall in love. Always friendly kind and wants the best for everyone. Usually Artemis's are very artistic wether its in art,music, dance, ect. Once a guy meets an Artemis he should hold on to her , their is non other like her. Relationship wise she will do anything and everything to please her lover, very romantic, and loves spoiling them with love and gifts. Although she might suficate you and annoy you at times but know she's only doing that so she doesn't loose you. Sexually she might not be the best at first but once she starts trusting you she will amaze you. Be genrale to her for she has been hurt. Friends and family she will always be by your side never let anything happen to them. Artemis is a unique girl you will never want to loose.

Arthur meaning and definition

A fatass aardvark with a cake fetish.