a a a a a alcohol meaning and definition

a a a a a alcohol meaning

A good excuse for all your problems. Originated in a song which wasn't very good, but the line has become popular when you need to blame someone.

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Aaaaaant meaning and definition

The country way of saying "Don't touch that"! or, "Stay away from that"!. When most people say it, the pitch of their voice slowly rises.

aaaaajdbgkfgndsjkgndjkngt meaning and definition

The incorrect spelling of a whole lot of words.

Aaaaarrrrggghhgrrglgrrrrgllgrrgll meaning and definition

An onomatopoeia of the sound Homer Simpson makes when eating.

Aaaaasing Benefit meaning and definition

The war cry of the chavy scum, with their tracksuit bottoms, Primark buffer jacket and fake Ugg boots as they prop the door up of any letting agent in the country with their pram ensconced within their 4th child (all the other children having different fathers waiting impatiently outside chasing pigeons) whilst the Poundland karee-er (aka carrier bag) swings from the handles of the pram, they are heard to cry, Medusa-like, "Do yer take Aaaaasing Benefit?"

aaaabuse meaning and definition

The action of exploiting alphabetization to make one or one's business appear at the top of a list by naming it with the letter a or more than one letter a.


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