argree meaning and definition

argree meaning

When two or more parties agree on a subject, but don't realize it and continue to argue their point.

argree meaning

agreeing after arguing and not really agreeing, just doing so to stop arguing (agreeing to disagree). perhaps if you had more time, you would continue to argue and not agree.

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ARGSLOF meaning and definition

acronym for Andrei Really Gets Sick of Living On reference to Tchaikovsky's 1812 overture.

argtwon meaning and definition

something stupid, but nobody know's what it means.

arguably meaning and definition

The best way to end a totally bullshit sentence that makes it seem like it could be true...arguably.

argubate meaning and definition

Verb: refers to a heated debate whereby a participant quickly becomes offended and retaliates in a personal/argumentative manner and the conversation quickly turns nasty.