BTF meaning and definition

BTF meaning

Built To FuckA person who exemplifies a body crafted by the god's hands to service mankind's ultimate fantasies of beauty and lust. This person is has absolutely no trouble finding sex in any scenario. Everyone wishes to look like this person, and everyone wishes to fuck this person. The person has all exclusive rights to chose their fuck buddy for the evening, because when chosen, you must not turn down the opportunity. If you do, you will be thought of as queer or just flat out retarded. This person is so well versed in intercourse that even a nerdy virgin would turn into a sex master (or at least an intermediate) just by (somehow) having intercourse with this person. You will know this person when you see them; they are the orgasm in your eye.WARNING: while this person may be BTF, they may not be DTF. (some people are assholes like that)

BTF meaning

Bring The Funk, rock out, tear it up, keep in crazy on the dance floor.

BTF meaning

On the Big Island of Hawai'i, down in the lower Puna District, BTF means Below the Flow. Someone or something that is located below the flow of Tutu Pele's path.

BTF meaning

The term "BTF" - or big, tall faggot -is a colloquial term referring to a man who is at least six foot four inches or taller that is acting like a jackass. over many decades, the term has transformed to be a pejorative term for stupid bitch.

BTF meaning

Bottle to face.

BTF meaning

Bored to Fuck

BTF meaning

Baked To Fucking Shit

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BTFATH meaning and definition

Buy The Fucking All Time HighUsed to describe the actions of investors who go long on stocks (buy) when stock markets hit new alltime highs. Usually this is seen as the worst possible time to invest, because markets have tendency to crash shortly after new highs.

BTFE meaning and definition

Best Text Friend EverDefinitionA relationship that is mostly only based on textingtxting is the perfect way to talk to someone because it puts all physical things away and makes you actually look at the person inside. You can make a relationship simply in txtn i know we all have a friend that we only txt.

BTFF meaning and definition

Best Teacher Friend Forever

BTF FTB meaning and definition

Bag The Face, Fuck The Base

BTFNC meaning and definition

Short for, "'Bout to fuckin' chug!"