BTFATH meaning and definition

BTFATH meaning

Buy The Fucking All Time HighUsed to describe the actions of investors who go long on stocks (buy) when stock markets hit new alltime highs. Usually this is seen as the worst possible time to invest, because markets have tendency to crash shortly after new highs.

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BTFE meaning and definition

Best Text Friend EverDefinitionA relationship that is mostly only based on textingtxting is the perfect way to talk to someone because it puts all physical things away and makes you actually look at the person inside. You can make a relationship simply in txtn i know we all have a friend that we only txt.

BTFF meaning and definition

Best Teacher Friend Forever

BTF FTB meaning and definition

Bag The Face, Fuck The Base

BTFNC meaning and definition

Short for, "'Bout to fuckin' chug!"

btfo meaning and definition

Acromyn for Break the Fuck Out.