Babwhy meaning and definition

Babwhy meaning

one way the word babwhy can be used is as a replacement to baby dick.Another way babwhy can be used is as a general insult.

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baby ankles meaning and definition

Someone who has very weak or sensitive ankles.

Baby Bear meaning and definition

The rarest small breed of albino. Doesn't like black people for obvious reasons. Loves being titillated by Gears of War action. Diet consists of Chipotle and discarded feces. Lives in my basement.

baby belly meaning and definition

A not so euphemistic name for the baby bump. I saw one lady with her belly sticking out like a bar fly. That was my inspiration,

baby boo meaning and definition

Nickname for the love of your life<3

baby booba meaning and definition

Meaning little fat girl who doesn't know she's fat. To be used as an informal friendly greeting, esp. when answering a phone call.Pronounced: Bay-Bee-Boo-Bah