Bad Boyfriend Job meaning and definition

Bad Boyfriend Job meaning

A Bad Boyfriend Job is when your job treats you horribly, pays you horribly or even is just unhealthy for you but you keep it because it pays and you have not found another job to take its place.You might even reason with yourself to say you are staying in this job for one reason or another but in reality, you are stuck until you find other employ or quit the job, usually citing sanity reasons.

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bad boyishness meaning and definition

bad boy bad assverb: a guy who's banging but not first nite banging and hes all bout the sex drugs and metal

Bad Boy killa meaning and definition

This is what Tupac Shakur was.

bad boy list meaning and definition

A compiled listing of persons who are either overdue in a required action or a training course and must take action to remedy their status with those who monitor the compliance statistics. This usually implies the feeling that quick action on the employee's part is demanded not necessarily for purposes of tangible improvements but more directly to make one's supervisory authorities look better in the eyes of those above them who often emphasize the importance of employees staying current on all requirements.

bad boy mc meaning and definition

He who speaks ridiculously fast into a microphone and calls themself "bad".

bad boy quakers meaning and definition

something really fucking cool abv. BBQ