Bad cold meaning and definition

Bad cold meaning

A 'bad cold' is when you wake up feeling so terribly sick you cant go to school or work for that matter. Often comes with sneezing, coughing, fever, congestion, etc. Should be gone in around a week.

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Baddest meaning and definition

Wrong slang to say "the worst".

baddie meaning and definition

A tremendously stupid phrase used by gamers (especially in MMORPG's) to describe anyone who plays poorly. Terms such as "baddie" do nothing to help remove the socially-inept, tone-deaf loser stigma stuck on gamers.

bad dog meaning and definition

Used in a manner to describe dislike or anger. In order to properly administer the "bad dog" verbiage one must first make a hand gustier like you are pinching or picking something up using your thumb and index fingers with the middle, ring, and pinky fingers extended and making a shaking motion from right to left like you are shaking something and make the statement BAD DOG! (Hand Gustier is optional)

Bad-dragon meaning and definition

A company that sells adult sex toys that are "modeled" off of dragon genitalia. It appeals to people who wish they could have sex with dragons. They also sell other animal genitals too such as a horse dick, a dolphin dick, a dog dick, an orca dick, a wallaby dick exc. They even have tentacles.Some dildos come with special tubes that shoot "Dragon Cum" lube out of the end. They only have one product for the heterosexual male called the "anthro-dragoness". The anthro-dragoness is a masturbator shaped like a dragon pussy.Bad-dragon's website is

Bad Dream meaning and definition

If you are trying to get revenge on somebody wait untill they fall asleep then jizz on their pillow