Badgnet meaning and definition

Badgnet meaning

A person who draw's out a contrasting/darker side of another's person's typical innocent persona.

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bad goatee meaning and definition

noun: facial hair around a man's mouth which resemble the hair around a woman's genitalia.

bad golfer meaning and definition

Someone who can't even hit the ball with a skyscraper sized club. Anyone named Nick can fill this role.

Bad google day meaning and definition

When you are trying to find something via google and is not there. No matter how hard you try, no matter how good of a googler you are. We all have bad google days.

Bad Googler meaning and definition

Person who is incapable of affectively searching the internet, using vague word searches that lead them to endless circles of spam in which they offer personal information to phony websites in hope of reaching their original objective . Person is usually older i.e. mom, grandma, grandpa, provoking a burning desire to rip the mouse from thier hand and do the search yourself.

bad grades meaning and definition

To say someone (usually female) has bad grades is a euphemism for saying they have large breasts. For instance, a girl with D's (really bad grades) has really big breasts. You can say the worse the grades someone has, the bigger their breasts.