Big Dog meaning and definition

Big Dog meaning

One at the top of his game. Be it Business Man, Doctor, Drug Dealer, Pimp etc.

Big Dog meaning

A term bloggers use to refer to President Bill Clinton.

Big Dog meaning

A term used to describe a friend, colleague, or person. Can be used in the place of Words such as Man, Bro, Dude, etc.

Big Dog meaning

The baddest motherfucker in any group of Gs or Hustlas. The Big Dog is the shot caller and will whoop the ass of anyone present who does not fall in line.

Big Dog meaning

to replace a guys name, what you call a person whos name you forgot, a friend, a homebro, a co-worker, an acquaintance, a stranger

Big Dog meaning

One man who think he's better than everyone else, continously gets ripped on by his homedogs, usually found wearing no shirt

Big Dog meaning

n. Descriptive term for an important person. Term to describe an extremely large and unnecesary vehicle, such as a Ford Expedition.

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Big Fucking Bitch meaning and definition

a big fucking bitch is a female or male that bitch and whines about everything and anything no matter how small it may be.

Big Fucking Deal meaning and definition

Really impressive accomplishment.

Big Guy Wes meaning and definition

Big Guy Wes is a nickname referring to Westin. It is a lifestyle full of acid and cannabis. It can also be used as a term to describe a person's random and sometimes ecstatic behavior.

big love meaning and definition

Messed up TV show on HBO about a polygamist dude in Utah. He has three wives and 7 kids. Each of his families has their own house and they all share a backyard. He is always fighting with the polygamist community where he was kicked out of. Very entertaining stuff. Canceled after 1 season.

Big wussy meaning and definition

1. Someone who is a coward, wimp and a pussy. 2. A person who don't stand out for himself. 3. A person who fight in number but afraid to fight alone.4. A big person who bully smaller people but don't pick on someone his own size. 5. A man who abused woman. 6. Run from his fight instead of fighting back. 7. a woman who pull another woman hair during a fight. 8. When a guy scared to ask a girl out to date or ask for her number.