b2t meaning and definition

b2t meaning

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B³ meaning and definition

BALLS BALLS BALLS. Used in moments of panic or surprise. If you're too lazy to figure out how to use a superscript 3, "b cubed" is also acceptable. Not to be confused with balls balls balls. Properly typed as "B³" or "b³" and spoken as "b cubed".

baara meaning and definition

means cow in arabic Used for girls (ba-ara)

Babality meaning and definition

In Mortal Kombat II, defeat your opponent on the winning round using only the kick buttons. When it says, "Finish Him !!!" enter the Babality code (For Mileena, it's down 4 times and then High Kick). For brownie points, when playing against the computer, use Liu Kang, Jax, Kitana, or Reptile, and attack using only Low Kick on your winning round.

babbling brook meaning and definition

a quiet serene place, withthe quiet sounds of water flowing over and rocks. nature is around and its also a great place to have anal sex neer.

Babestation meaning and definition

It can be used in two or more ways: -Used to describe a group of girls who are very attractive. -Used to describe a girl who is so intrinsically attractive that others flock to her because of her beauty and/or model themselves upon her.


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