baby leaf meaning and definition

baby leaf meaning

To perform oral sex

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Babylon meaning and definition

The capital of Mesopotamia, one of the world's earliest civilisations. Situated between the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

Baby Making Music meaning and definition

Musical tones played before and sometimes during conception that sets the "mood" for either the guy or girl.

baby momma momma meaning and definition

The grandmother of your biological child, when the child isn't legally yours. Put simply: the mother of a baby momma.A famous example of a baby momma momma in pop culture is Ms. Jackson, from the song of the same name written by Outkast.

Baby Octopus meaning and definition

The phrase used to describe an older man seeking younger girls. The octopus is a descriptor of the girl's vagina, being wet and slimy.

baby on board meaning and definition

A yellow sign that shit-for-brains drivers believe will cause others to be extra cautious around them. In reality it signifies an idiot that thinks they're special because they have the sign that partially obstructs their vision, whether they have a baby in the car or not. It does NOT mean they are being careful while driving or give a shit about you. It actually can be viewed as a point of reference indicating you're within the vicinity of a fucking idiot behind the wheel.