back box meaning and definition

back box meaning

another word for the anal passage

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backbrain meaning and definition

The repository of knowledge one retains but doesn't realize one has until such knowledge is necessary in a given situation (e.g. recalling the name/face of an old acquaintance/friend/girlfriend)

back breaker meaning and definition

A sexual performance where the man is engaging in sexual intercourse with a girl through her anus. As she is penetrated fiercefully, she will begin to moan. One the moaning begins, the man simply slams her in the back with a sledge hammer.

Back Breaking Torry meaning and definition

Performing a vertical 69 where a fat woman is lifting the man up.

back-break syndrome meaning and definition

Back-break syndrome is when a girl ridiculously poses for a photo, putting her hand on her hip, sticking her ass out as far as possible, and bending her spine backward. Sometimes this pose accompanies a peace sign or duck face.

back buddy meaning and definition

A guy short enough to hang from the shoulders of a full grown man and 4x4 his meat mobile up the dirt road as the man does his daily activities.