bad boy basi meaning and definition

bad boy basi meaning

referring to the orginal bad boy himself, none other than the living leg-end that is bad boy basi, he can do anything, he is just that bad. often found crawling the streets of troon looking for innocemts to pray on, then his dad calls an we get some pakora also known as Dan, manfreek, manpoof, manpoof spasi, mr tickles, manny man

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Bad Boy Bill meaning and definition

A fake tanned, baked wanna be Ronnie from Jersey Shore looking guy who is still rocking a fohawk even though they are out of style. Beware of him for he doesn't pay rent and loves girls from U of I. Especially one's named Maritza.

badboyboomting meaning and definition

an amalgamation of the terms 'badboy' and 'boomting'. Coined after the slurry of amalgamations of two positive terms to express one's excitement/interest/admiration regarding anything, by the yute of today.

bad boy crew meaning and definition

bad boy crew-a boltonian term from greater manchester, to define a group of teenagers, bored in lesson who all take on scallie characters for an hour or two each week. to be a bad boy member, you all must have maximum respect for eachother! this also involves a leader of the bad boy crew.

bad boyfriend meaning and definition

A man who doesnt act like he loves you, ignores you, calls you annoying, doesnt care when he makes you cry, hurts you and doesnt say sorry, puts you second to everything, askes to watch porn ALL the time even when he knos it HURTS you alot makes you feel like your not good enough and that your ugly and fat and then starts fights bout it and makes it sound like hes dateing the porn.. making it sound soo important to him...when the girl hes so called in love wit is supose to be the ONLY important thing in his life.

Bad Boyfriend Job meaning and definition

A Bad Boyfriend Job is when your job treats you horribly, pays you horribly or even is just unhealthy for you but you keep it because it pays and you have not found another job to take its place.You might even reason with yourself to say you are staying in this job for one reason or another but in reality, you are stuck until you find other employ or quit the job, usually citing sanity reasons.