bad boy list meaning and definition

bad boy list meaning

A compiled listing of persons who are either overdue in a required action or a training course and must take action to remedy their status with those who monitor the compliance statistics. This usually implies the feeling that quick action on the employee's part is demanded not necessarily for purposes of tangible improvements but more directly to make one's supervisory authorities look better in the eyes of those above them who often emphasize the importance of employees staying current on all requirements.

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bad boy mc meaning and definition

He who speaks ridiculously fast into a microphone and calls themself "bad".

bad boy quakers meaning and definition

something really fucking cool abv. BBQ

Bad Boy Records meaning and definition

Once was a good and consisient hip-hop record label during the 90's, but later became Diddy's backup dancers and singers. There are many factors of their demise such as: The death of Biggie( Forget Sean "Confused" Combs, BIGGIE PUT BAD BOY ON THE FUCKIN MAP!!!!) Signing no-talented muthafuckas like Young Joc, Dream, Cassie, Mark Curry, and those Danity-Kane bitches Chase off The Lox, Shyne, 112, Faith Evans, and even 5 out of the 6 members of Da Band Can't put out anything from Bad Boy's M.I.A.'s Craig Mack, G-Depp, Black Rob, Total, and Eihtball & MJG (And trust me, there are a lot of M.I.A's in that bitch!) Overused, repetitive ass beats and lyrics (1999 is over, ya) Lately becoming more R&B than hip-hop (That's what most of the RECENT success went...that ain't good.) Their punk-ass employees, including FAGsworth Bentley, clothing line, and lame ass reality shows are getting more press time than the actual artists But the biggest problem with their sagging record sales and noteriety lies within their media-hogging, spotlight-stealing, egostitical, no-talented, ho ass surburbinite of an owner, Sean "Who the fuck am I" Combs. Why don't they do us all a fuckin favor and remain dead along side Death Row, Homo Inc., and No Limit!!!

bad boys for life meaning and definition

Originally deriving from the film Bad Boys it is a group of London boys (who don't actually believe they are bad boys) who ride together, die together and are in fact bad boys for life! Often abreviated to BBFL and linked to the infamous WALOOF!