bad girl party meaning and definition

bad girl party meaning

A gathering of females much like a bachelorette party, except there isn't 1 bacholerette whose 'freedom' is ending. Girls may or may not come in 'sexy' attire & sex toys are brought. A hired expert teaches how to give blowjobs, how to stimulate the clit, etc. At the end of the night, party favors may be handed out (edible underwear, etc). The most famous bad girl party in a movie would probably be that one from Old School with (Luke Wilson, Will Ferrell, etc).

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bad girl prep meaning and definition

A privileged teen or young adult wanting to be a bad girl. These girls want to rebel against there wealthy father. Most get the idea from the notorious Bad Girls Club. They spend there nights trying to get drunk, have sex, and fighting, but aren’t really succeeding much. They are a type of poser.

bad girls advice meaning and definition

A bunch of bad bitches who don't give a fuck what anyone thinks. They've got their tits pierced, their fairies waxed and they'll ride a dick into the sunset. If a basic bitch comes into their territory, they'll roast her like a Sunday dinner and then fuck her dad.

Bad Girls Club meaning and definition

Threatening that your not afraid to hit somebody, beat them up, yell in their face, not scared of them, or will fight them. Taken from the hit reality TV series The Bad Girls Club where they yell or fight every episode.

bad girl stick meaning and definition

A playful name for a erection.

badgitated meaning and definition

The distressed state of a badger when disturbed; the emotional state a dedicated performer will try to emote to the audience when taking on the role of an unhinged badger.