big butt meaning and definition

big butt meaning

big butt is a girl with a big ass

big butt meaning

Sir Mixalot likes them and he cannot lie-- His other brothers can't deny.

big butt meaning

A person with a large behind..also calld big booty, etc.

big butt meaning

a real loser that is very stupid and does nothing but be a loser all day

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big cock monster meaning and definition

the act of having a cock so big that it tears a poor girl or male in half

Big Dog meaning and definition

A term used to describe a friend, colleague, or person. Can be used in the place of Words such as Man, Bro, Dude, etc.

Big Fucking Bitch meaning and definition

a big fucking bitch is a female or male that bitch and whines about everything and anything no matter how small it may be.

Big Fucking Deal meaning and definition

Really impressive accomplishment.

big love meaning and definition

Messed up TV show on HBO about a polygamist dude in Utah. He has three wives and 7 kids. Each of his families has their own house and they all share a backyard. He is always fighting with the polygamist community where he was kicked out of. Very entertaining stuff. Canceled after 1 season.