Ching Chow meaning and definition

Ching Chow meaning

What ignorant people say to mock the Chinese culture.

Ching Chow meaning

Slang for Chinese restaurant or food.

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chinger meaning and definition

This is a Chinese person who wishes he was black. Sort of like a Wigger, just a Chinese person

ching fling meaning and definition

a hookup with a Chinese (or any Oriental) girl for a short amount of time.

ching gow meaning and definition

an exclamation you yell when you feel like a winner. (like yee haw! or Whoppee!)

chingi A meaning and definition

we niggaz in Poland don't cear who u from whou u do ,but tha real niggaz never don't die

Chinito meaning and definition

A derrogatory and racist term in spanish used by mexicunts and other latin american countries. Equivalent to "chink". mexicunts usually use this term to label all East Asian people with small eyes. So Coreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipinos would also be labelled as "chinitos". Shows the ignorance of the hispanic culture.