Circle-jerk kids meaning and definition

Circle-jerk kids meaning

A bunch of kids(football, athletic) who masturbate into each others bums. or Just Retards and pricks.

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Circle jerkle meaning and definition

when a group of homosexual men get together and masturbate in a circle, each holding the person next to them's junk. also called circle jerk

Circle jerk selfie meaning and definition

An individual who is able to orally and anally pleasure oneself independently simultaneously

Circle Jerque Du Soleil meaning and definition

A word used to describe the travelling French-Canadian freak show known as "Cirque Du Soleil."

circle jirkle meaning and definition

version of limp bizkit played with a cookie where several people sit in a circle and beat it onto the cookie, last person to spooge eats the cookie, also known as ookie cookie.

circlejobbing meaning and definition

Abusing the hiring bonuses at 2 companies by flipping between them just to have you and you friends collect the bonuses.