Circle jerk selfie meaning and definition

Circle jerk selfie meaning

An individual who is able to orally and anally pleasure oneself independently simultaneously

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Circle Jerque Du Soleil meaning and definition

A word used to describe the travelling French-Canadian freak show known as "Cirque Du Soleil."

circle jirkle meaning and definition

version of limp bizkit played with a cookie where several people sit in a circle and beat it onto the cookie, last person to spooge eats the cookie, also known as ookie cookie.

circlejobbing meaning and definition

Abusing the hiring bonuses at 2 companies by flipping between them just to have you and you friends collect the bonuses.

Circle Joke meaning and definition

A joke that is told while smoking weed in a circle, and thus must be kept between the circle. "What's said in the circle stays in the circle."

Circle Jumper meaning and definition

One who while in rotation of a blunt, jumps from one side of the smoking circle to the other in order to gain an extra "puff puff"