Cyka Kurwa meaning and definition

Cyka Kurwa meaning

When you play too much CS:GO and are Polish, you tend to say 'Cyka Kurwa'.

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Cyka Nation meaning and definition

Cyka is Russian for whore. Cyka Nation is a whore country, LIKE VEGAS

cyke meaning and definition

commonly reffering to someone as a cunt/dyke. or a cyke. so basically anyone who is a jerk, bitchy or just being a plain ass of themselves. an instult towards someone.

Cykel meaning and definition

Russian word for pussymeisterlicker

Cykelkugle meaning and definition

A common Danish synonym for a shot of the German drink Jägermeister

Cyker meaning and definition

Anyone who rides a form of pedalled transportation. Bicycles, tricycles, pedal cars, unicycle, freakbikes, ratbikes, etc. The word "cyker" helps to define the difference between the motorcyclists who call themselves "Bikers" and the people who actually ride bikes. More than one "cyker" is known as "cykerz". The "z" shall be used in place of the usual "s" when referring to more than one. This is for the coolness aspect of being a cyker! People who ride motorized forms of transportation are in no way to be considered a Cyker.