Cykel meaning and definition

Cykel meaning

Russian word for pussymeisterlicker

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Cykelkugle meaning and definition

A common Danish synonym for a shot of the German drink Jägermeister

Cyker meaning and definition

Anyone who rides a form of pedalled transportation. Bicycles, tricycles, pedal cars, unicycle, freakbikes, ratbikes, etc. The word "cyker" helps to define the difference between the motorcyclists who call themselves "Bikers" and the people who actually ride bikes. More than one "cyker" is known as "cykerz". The "z" shall be used in place of the usual "s" when referring to more than one. This is for the coolness aspect of being a cyker! People who ride motorized forms of transportation are in no way to be considered a Cyker.

cykill speeding meaning and definition

The act of riding a bicycle down a steep hill or grade with no chain or brakes. It's the thrill of speeding down a grade or hill with no brakes and the challenge to come to a safe stop at the bottom of the hill or grade. Not crashing is the challenge!

cykotik meaning and definition

A wannabe hip-hop artist with no talent, often using other people's gimmicks to draw himself attention.

cyl meaning and definition

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