camel fuck fest meaning and definition

camel fuck fest meaning

A very nice Saudia Arabian orgy.

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camel hair meaning and definition

Those wisps of hair that poke out of a womens panties or bathing suit bottom.

camel hole meaning and definition

Similar to camel toe a camel hole is when the imprint of ones belly button can be seen through their shirt. This usually involves a fat person wearing a tight shirt.

camelhumper meaning and definition

Camel Humper... In Texas we enjoy calling people that are from the middle east camel humpers.

Camel it out meaning and definition

1. To resist using the bathroom for as long as you can, inspired by necessity or laziness, thus acting like the animal. 2. To pick, fix your camel toe situation.

camgirl meaning and definition

Girl who does virtual peepshows via webcam for a living. See for examples.