ching chong my ding dong meaning and definition

ching chong my ding dong meaning

Basically, "fuck my dick" or "I don't understand you!" It's extremely racist to Asian people, especially Chinese people. You can use this to mock something you hear in Chinese

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Ching Chong Patrol meaning and definition

Group of Asians that sit in the front row of your classes.

Ching-Chong Ping-Pong meaning and definition

An ancient pre-courser to Pong. It is played on a Chinese tea light food heater, usually by smashed people. There is no winner, only losers.

Ching Chong Taco meaning and definition

(CCT)a chink that hangs out w/ a lot of hispanics or is a half mexican half asian person

Ching Chow meaning and definition

Slang for Chinese restaurant or food.

chinger meaning and definition

This is a Chinese person who wishes he was black. Sort of like a Wigger, just a Chinese person