circle jerk chicken meaning and definition

circle jerk chicken meaning

The pillar of Jamaican cuisine. While the chicken is prepared in traditional fashion with a dry rub, natives gather round the pit and masterbate, battering the chicken with jizz and at times, spooging on each other. The natives then massage in the wet rub, creating a true delicacy.

circle jerk chicken meaning

When men all jerk each other off in a circle and they are also eating jerk chicken.

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circle jerk economy meaning and definition

An economy based on a circular exchange of money where finished goods are consumed and nothing of value is produced.

Circle Jerk For Geeks meaning and definition

Short Form: CJ4GRelating to Hockey Blogs, bloggers and commenters, who are focused on the use of advanced statistics in their analysis of players, often disregarding the fact that hockey is a team sport and cannot always be explained through a reliance on advanced statistics that focus on individual performance.A Circle Jerk For Geeks blog is when those who are focused on these statistics (aka, "stats heads") beef each other up and pat themselves on the back for being elite hockey fans because they "understand" advanced stats and use them as a crutch.

circle jerking meaning and definition

When two or more guys jerk off on a cracker and the last one to come must eat it.

Circle-jerk kids meaning and definition

A bunch of kids(football, athletic) who masturbate into each others bums. or Just Retards and pricks.