circle jerker meaning and definition

circle jerker meaning

someone who stands in a circle with many other men and masturbates with them into the middle.

circle jerker meaning

A girl/woman who flirts her ass off with one of ya' boys, bein a cock tease, playin head games leading him on in anticipation, and/or screwing around with him sexually, then droppin him like an egg and doin the same shit with your other boys' in your tight knit "circle of friends"

circle jerker meaning

A bunch of guys standing around nolan, and masterbating on his face.

circle jerker meaning


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Circle Jerk For Geeks meaning and definition

Short Form: CJ4GRelating to Hockey Blogs, bloggers and commenters, who are focused on the use of advanced statistics in their analysis of players, often disregarding the fact that hockey is a team sport and cannot always be explained through a reliance on advanced statistics that focus on individual performance.A Circle Jerk For Geeks blog is when those who are focused on these statistics (aka, "stats heads") beef each other up and pat themselves on the back for being elite hockey fans because they "understand" advanced stats and use them as a crutch.

circle jerking meaning and definition

When two or more guys jerk off on a cracker and the last one to come must eat it.

Circle-jerk kids meaning and definition

A bunch of kids(football, athletic) who masturbate into each others bums. or Just Retards and pricks.

Circle jerkle meaning and definition

when a group of homosexual men get together and masturbate in a circle, each holding the person next to them's junk. also called circle jerk

Circle jerk selfie meaning and definition

An individual who is able to orally and anally pleasure oneself independently simultaneously