cyka blyat idi nahui meaning and definition

cyka blyat idi nahui meaning

When a russian gives you a compliment in CS:GO

cyka blyat idi nahui meaning

literally means "bitch fucking go towards dick", but is usually taken as BITCH FUCKING GO FUCK YOURSELFuse with moderation or risk sounding like a bunch of russian wannabies on csgo wanting to sound cool but all you hear is them not being able to speak english having an iq of approximately 12-20this one time my russian friend was talking on the phone with his mom and i yelled cyka blyat. it was super funny at first but then they got their T-34's and Mig-15's and bombed my ass taking 23 cities with it

cyka blyat idi nahui meaning

A term used by Russian players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, meaning that you fucked up, uninstall cunt.

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Cyka Kurwa meaning and definition

When you play too much CS:GO and are Polish, you tend to say 'Cyka Kurwa'.

Cyn meaning and definition

This one guy who is better than you are.

Cypriot meaning and definition

A Cypriot is a native of Cyprus. Cypriots are descended from the Greeks of the Aegean, and speak the Cypriot dialect which is similar to the Greek spoken in the mainland but with a few small local differences.Cypriots are Great looking people and very friendly, (Even to drunken British tourists!) Please Note: There is NO such thing, as a 'Turkish Cypriot' they are merely Turks, who INVADED Cyprus in 1974, and thus have no blood ties to the island, nor similarities to Cypriots or Greeks (Turks are Muslim Arabs, Greeks/Cypriots on the other hand are White, Christian and European) These Turkish INVADERS do not have the right to call themselves Cypriots.

d1ckz0r meaning and definition

When a guy is out on friday nights with 'his' friends, where men get erections over other men

D1GP meaning and definition

D1 Grand Prix is a sport, which is judged, based on who has the coolest and radical drifting performance style. Drifting is a way of driving that force the rear tires slide while controlling the pass of forward motion. The steering wheel is turning to the same side of the sliding direction, and drivers are to control the vehicle in extreme speed, often exceeding 120mph, and driving conditions. Drifting is an extremely difficult driving style that requires a high level of skill and technique to control the car in the relm of the uncontrolable. It's very amusing to watch each driver's performance as well. In addition, unlike Rally and other motor sports, the determination of winner/loser is largely based on driver's skill instead of the machine advantages. D1 Grand Prix is all about the rivalry of each driver's drifting skill.