cyka blyat idi nahui meaning and definition

cyka blyat idi nahui meaning

When a russian gives you a compliment in CS:GO

cyka blyat idi nahui meaning

literally means "bitch fucking go towards dick", but is usually taken as BITCH FUCKING GO FUCK YOURSELFuse with moderation or risk sounding like a bunch of russian wannabies on csgo wanting to sound cool but all you hear is them not being able to speak english having an iq of approximately 12-20this one time my russian friend was talking on the phone with his mom and i yelled cyka blyat. it was super funny at first but then they got their T-34's and Mig-15's and bombed my ass taking 23 cities with it

cyka blyat idi nahui meaning

A term used by Russian players in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, meaning that you fucked up, uninstall cunt.

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Cyka Kurwa meaning and definition

When you play too much CS:GO and are Polish, you tend to say 'Cyka Kurwa'.

Cyka Nation meaning and definition

Cyka is Russian for whore. Cyka Nation is a whore country, LIKE VEGAS

cyke meaning and definition

commonly reffering to someone as a cunt/dyke. or a cyke. so basically anyone who is a jerk, bitchy or just being a plain ass of themselves. an instult towards someone.

Cykel meaning and definition

Russian word for pussymeisterlicker

Cykelkugle meaning and definition

A common Danish synonym for a shot of the German drink Jägermeister