cykill speeding meaning and definition

cykill speeding meaning

The act of riding a bicycle down a steep hill or grade with no chain or brakes. It's the thrill of speeding down a grade or hill with no brakes and the challenge to come to a safe stop at the bottom of the hill or grade. Not crashing is the challenge!

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cykotik meaning and definition

A wannabe hip-hop artist with no talent, often using other people's gimmicks to draw himself attention.

cyl meaning and definition

Comment you later.

Cyla meaning and definition

A girl who doesn't believe she is pretty, but is drop dead gorgeous. Usually tall and extremely smart.

Cylan meaning and definition

Awsome , cool , cute smexy :]

CYLASITH meaning and definition

acronym: Close Your Legs And See If That Helps Used as a response when someone is whining about something