Dödel meaning and definition

Dödel meaning

Dödel is a german Nickname for Penis

Dödel meaning

German. Slang for several things. A Dödel can be either a dork/fool/dreamer. Or it can refer to a dick. Usually its considered to be a pleasant yet funny attribute between friends.

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Dødfælkjuice meaning and definition

A green/yellow fluid that is formed when water flows over dead people.

dodged a bullet meaning and definition

When you come close to dating a person but for whatever reason it falls through, and then later find out that person is batshit crazy, you've dodged a bullet.

dodged that bullet meaning and definition

The feeling after seeing that your bitchy ex-girlfriend has aged poorly, is obese or looks generally bad after some years.

Dodge Dully meaning and definition

It is an incredibly huge ass, not attractice at all.

dog brain meaning and definition

a dumbass or mentally challenged person


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