D2K meaning and definition

D2K meaning

The first decade of the 21st Century (2000-2009).

D2K meaning

The most elite korean killing organization of all time.

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D2T meaning and definition

Down to tube: The purpose of wanting or still wanting to tube on the river.

d3ft meaning and definition

Pronounced like deft or daft and means pretty much the same thing. it's from an abbreviation of D 3 Foundation Trust, d3ft.tk founded by Jereme Rucker. (see d3th) The acronym was chosen because Jereme has littleregard for proper spelling and grammar of the English language. I mean he doesn't even know how to spell "distribution"(see d3th).

d9 meaning and definition

A variation of the 69 in which the female holds the male off the ground upside-down and backwards by his ankles. The man rubs the back of his head in the females vaginal region whilst the female eats the butthole of the male.

dabiñe meaning and definition

Spanish slang for faggot; gay; transsexual; hermaphrodite; man-whore. This word is THE most offensive word in Spanish, sadly it is hardly used anymore. In an effort to revive it, it was posted on urbandictionary. It can also be used to express frustration, anger, or to signify that something is funny. It originated from the gay lover of a Portuguese prince by the name of Dabin Croñe in the 15th or 16th century. It is used as an adjective and a noun. It is used in some parts of southeastern Spain and Andalusia(Andalucia). I have only said this word aloud three times in front of my parents and close family members, and each time ended with a VERY ackward moment of silence and death stares. Sorry for my poor English. I am a native (Andalucian) Spanish speaker and I have heard my friends from Brasil and Latin America use this word so you can be sure that this word is quite bad to say it.

Da Blasian meaning and definition

Half Black and Asian hip hop/R&B artist SHELLA from Hawaii by way of Tokyo, Japan. A half Black and Japanese #tokyoDiamond from hawaii but neva small tymin!


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