DLM meaning and definition

DLM meaning

Dirty Little Mom

DLM meaning

Dont Like My Status : add this to ur status if u dont won't ppl 2 like it

DLM meaning

Netspeak for Dead Like Me, a great show on Showtime

DLM meaning

Don't Label Me. A phrase commonly used by posers when they play goth or prep

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Dluo meaning and definition

a perverted furry lover

dmc meaning and definition

Acronym for 'Marijuana' in Korean with English phonetics. 대마초 is 'Marijuana' in Korean and pronouncing the word in English, it becomes: Dae Ma Cho Hence, D.M.C.

dm me meaning and definition

The act of direct messaging a person

DMMKM meaning and definition

(The) Dungeon Master's Most Kickass Move. An act of physical violence performed by a dungeon master. Usually to restore some semblance of order, but all too often just for the hell of it.

DMML meaning and definition

Don't Make Me Laugh --- I've never seen this word in net, but i'm using it myself sometimes in game chats, and now there everyone knows what it mean.


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