Dare To Dream meaning and definition

Dare To Dream meaning

Similar to the expression “in your dreams” which is a sarcastic way of responding to - or interrupting – someone who is busy telling you about their master plan and all the unrealistically fantastic things they think will happen to them. Only in this version additional emphasis is placed on the boldness and arrogance of their claims.

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an animated show on MTV about an anti-social high school student she only has one real friend, Jane, and an annoying and popular sister Quinn the series was cancelled a few years ago but censored episodes still air on Noggin it was an amazing show while it laster

Dark circles meaning and definition

Also called 'eye circles', are blemishes around or under the eyes. There are many causes of dark circles, such as lack of sleep, hereditary, or allergy-related. There is no one cure for dark circles, unless you found out what the cause is. There are some bleaching creams, but they are known to cause cancer.

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A sub-genre or sub-type of Fantasy Novels that are usually darker in nature, and usually includes violence, and death.

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The large quantity of information, time, and effort wasted in large bureaucratic organizations to fulfill petty changes that will likely never come into use.

Dark Lord meaning and definition

This is a sexual maneuver performed by first performing anal sex then slapping the girl across the face with your shit-covered light saber (penis).


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