Dark Pop meaning and definition

Dark Pop meaning

A mixture of upbeat pop music with goth and/or dark undertones. Usually songs about murder, black magic, and other sick and twisted fantasies. Some examples of dark pop stars include Natalia Kills, Evanescence, Marylin Manson.

Dark Pop meaning

It is the new kind of sub-genre of pop music that is more twisted and aggressive than regular upbeat pop music. The music usually conveys darker and somber lyrics but still incorporating the rhythm and beat of pop music. Artistes who define themselves as dark pop usually write songs about murder, death and other disturbing fantasies.

Dark Pop meaning

Darkpop was primarily an abstractly post-punk type of music that coincided with things like Gothic rock/deathrock and the New Romantics in the late '70s and early '80s (though especially the latter). This means artists inside or outside the mainstream that had dark (yet accessible) sensibilities, but weren't quite Goth or New Romantic (even though there is considerable overlap, admittedly).

Dark Pop meaning

its a new trendy music which mix the lyrics and out fits of the black metal with the pussy style of the pop music. evanescens and avril lavinge are perfects examples. the chick of evanescens thinks she is pretty bad, but she is not someone gotta tell her tha she is a hot chick wearing dark clothes and singing stupids lyrics with a nice voice as the pop music.

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