Dark Prince meaning and definition

Dark Prince meaning

(1)Noun. The "pet name" of the gothic male in a romantic relationship (2)Proper Noun. The nickname of a gothic male

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dark queen meaning and definition

Gorgeous gothic females That dress in black and has high self confidence in themselves. In other words they don't take shit from nobody. They are interested in the black arts.

darkrai meaning and definition

A widely used internet term for gay.

DARKsmith® meaning and definition

n: A triphop, comedic band. With popular songs like "You, Me, and a Pizza" and "Abraham" they popped onto the scene in 2005 and made a quick run to the top of the charts.The group was started by lead vocalists Heather Dark and Seven Smith.

Dark Tourism meaning and definition

To refer to black people discreetly while studying dark tourism in special interest tourism class.

Darlene meaning and definition

1. A woman who is both beautiful and athletic. 2. A woman who is extremely comical and often times silly. She usually says things like "YOU CRAZY" or "HELLO." 3. A good friend to listen, to care, and to goose you as well. 4. A gooch.


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