Dluo meaning and definition

Dluo meaning

a perverted furry lover

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dmc meaning and definition

Acronym for 'Marijuana' in Korean with English phonetics. 대마초 is 'Marijuana' in Korean and pronouncing the word in English, it becomes: Dae Ma Cho Hence, D.M.C.

dm me meaning and definition

The act of direct messaging a person

DMMKM meaning and definition

(The) Dungeon Master's Most Kickass Move. An act of physical violence performed by a dungeon master. Usually to restore some semblance of order, but all too often just for the hell of it.

DMML meaning and definition

Don't Make Me Laugh --- I've never seen this word in net, but i'm using it myself sometimes in game chats, and now there everyone knows what it mean.

dmmp meaning and definition

Stands for "don't make me pee"; Used when something is funnier than LOL and ROFL. Frequent female reaction to a very funny situation or joke. Used as Internet slang and text messaging to describe ones response to a quip or joke.


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