DmoN meaning and definition

DmoN meaning

Comes from a person named Demon who dropped the E from the name. Definition: Owned, Raped, Slayed, Punked,Pwned. You Can Find one on just /query DmoN`AfK

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Doctor up meaning and definition

To fix something that has been made crappily by someone else.

Doctor Wang meaning and definition

Your friendly neighbor urologist

doctor warner meaning and definition

to take long speaking gaps while doing a speach

doctor who fandom meaning and definition

A delightful group of doctor who fans (aka whovians) that enjoy two hearted aliens, bow ties, and police boxes that occasionally have their living selves transferred into women named "Idris". Members of the doctor who fandom are also well adapted to change. They have to be considering that the main character gains a new actor constantly. It sounds odd, but some whovians (like me) prefer to call it "ood".

Doctor Whooves meaning and definition

A backround pony in the television show 'My Little Pony Friendship is Magic.' Given the name due to the fact the pony gives a resemblance to David Tennant, the 10th Doctor on the popular British sci-fi series Doctor Who. He is a male pony with a grayish amber coat, dark amber mane, and light grayish azure eyes with an hourglass cutiemark.