Doctor Worm meaning and definition

Doctor Worm meaning

A song by They Might Be Giants about a young musician who insists on believing that having a stage name will land him a career, yet is oblivious to the fact of his brutally mediocre drumming.

Doctor Worm meaning

a quack doctor who doesn't know what he's doing. Taken from the They Might Be Giants song

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doctrum meaning and definition

representative of leadership, and inprovational

docusoap meaning and definition

Odd television hybrid which strange Belgian people watch. Apparently it's difficult to explain.

Dödel meaning and definition

German. Slang for several things. A Dödel can be either a dork/fool/dreamer. Or it can refer to a dick. Usually its considered to be a pleasant yet funny attribute between friends.

Dødfælkjuice meaning and definition

A green/yellow fluid that is formed when water flows over dead people.

dodged a bullet meaning and definition

When you come close to dating a person but for whatever reason it falls through, and then later find out that person is batshit crazy, you've dodged a bullet.