Doing The Laundry meaning and definition

Doing The Laundry meaning

One girl pushes her anal prolapse into another girl's anal prolapse.

Doing The Laundry meaning

to do pervocatice and erotic things with ones partner/ spouse/ boyfriend or girlfriend.

Doing The Laundry meaning

the act of inserting one fist anally and one fist vaginally and rubbing them against each other (as you would when you do the laundry by hand)

Doing The Laundry meaning

the codeword for sneaking out in the middle of the night can also be referred to as just "laundry"

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synonym for a penis, dick, cock, schlong, or the male reproductive organs

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Japanese word that refers to the sound of a heart beating, like when getting penis'd by pervy Ryan (Achievement Hunter) and his pheromone gun.

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retard, stupid, laxy, one which has many brain farts.

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all the bitchin words combined into one. yeeee boyeeeee.

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