Dopeman meaning and definition

Dopeman meaning

Dopeman is one of the most famed game "rippers" of all time. This entity creates popular titles and uploads them so all the downloader must do is simply unpack them, and play.

Dopeman meaning

A dope dealer. This can be crack,weed, or anything in between.

Dopeman meaning

A slang term for a drug dealer who sells mutuple drugs. for more see the word " Dope "

Dopeman meaning

The classic Nike Cortez, worn best with fat laces. Original Gangsta kicks, see also Chucks

Dopeman meaning

Seller of narcotics

Dopeman meaning

Michigan term used only for Nike brand Cortez street shoes.

Dopeman meaning

Alias Ricky. Has so much dope in his system he is immune to all effects of tranquilizing darts.

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Dorothy meaning and definition

A kind hearted and friendly person but who will generally not give a shit about you if your not her friend. She is not only beautiful but extremely intelligent and has a good personality. Do not pick a fight with her because she will knock you the fuck out literally. Over all she is basically perfect and you would be honoured to call her a friend.

Double Anal Penetration meaning and definition

The act of having two peni rammed into ones asshole.

Double Battery Bank meaning and definition

Most commonly used in combination with the Battery Bank. However the Double Battery Bank includes an extra bill of higher denomination set aside for emergency funds that is stored between the phone and its cover.

Double Black Diamond meaning and definition

While skiing with your partner, have them skiing backwards between your skis. With sufficient momentum, have your partner crouch down and proceed to provide oral stimulation of the genitals. Like the sexual acts namesake, this move is for experts only.

double creampie meaning and definition

When a girl takes two loads of cum inside her vagina. It makes the vagina look like a creampie doughnut.