Double Anal Penetration meaning and definition

Double Anal Penetration meaning

The act of having two peni rammed into ones asshole.

Double Anal Penetration meaning

Two turgid cocks up one tight little poo tube

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Double Battery Bank meaning and definition

Most commonly used in combination with the Battery Bank. However the Double Battery Bank includes an extra bill of higher denomination set aside for emergency funds that is stored between the phone and its cover.

Double Black Diamond meaning and definition

While skiing with your partner, have them skiing backwards between your skis. With sufficient momentum, have your partner crouch down and proceed to provide oral stimulation of the genitals. Like the sexual acts namesake, this move is for experts only.

double creampie meaning and definition

When a girl takes two loads of cum inside her vagina. It makes the vagina look like a creampie doughnut.

Double-Dip Recession meaning and definition

A sexual act involved in the bedroom between a man and a woman. The man inserts his penis into the vagina, before removing it and inserting it into the anus, then back to the vagina, then back into the anus and so on and so forth until he cums. The term derives from economics, 'a long-term recession', because many couples now resort to more compelling sex moves due to personal financial circumstances. Not to be confused with a Triple-Dip Recession, which involves insertion into the mouth as well.

double digit meaning and definition

Once a girl ass has reached size 10 or higher.