Douche Canoe meaning and definition

Douche Canoe meaning

Someone who exceedes the limits of being a normal douche or douche bag.

Douche Canoe meaning

1. Any vehicle filled to capacity with a group of major douchebags. Usually a luxury SUV. Most often owned or purchased by the parents of one of the douche mcgouches inside. The group of individuals who pour out of the douche canoe can be affectionately referred to as a "shitstorm of douchebags."

Douche Canoe meaning

Not just your run of the mill douche. A total douche! This douche will kill you with his non stop douche baggery. Avoid the douche Canoe at all costs.

Douche Canoe meaning

A person that is so douchey, said douchey-ness travels cross bodies of water.

Douche Canoe meaning

the highest leavel of doucheny

Douche Canoe meaning

when a person is so douchey they are equal to about 50 douchebags, therefore a canoe would be needed.It is much larger than most other forms of douches

Douche Canoe meaning

A vehicle containing or transporting two or more douchebags.

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The term "dougie" derives from the name of 80's early 90's Hip Hopper Doug-E- Fresh. The term "dougie" means to have a cool or hip stlye.

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A crap, usu. large. See deuce.

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Doume is synonymous for an average frustrated chump with a lot of hair everywhere and looks like a monkey and sweats a lot. They originate from Corsica and come from Italian, Spanish, and French decent. A Doume must ask dumb questions, and act stupidly and put everyone in awkward situations. A Doume does not have any sense of orientation and is always lost. A behavior of a Doume is very weird and not clear to the average person

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