Dragin meaning and definition

Dragin meaning

When your dressed in drag and displaying it for public view.

Dragin meaning

when one farts and walks into the room, thus dragging it into the room.

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drag king meaning and definition

An individual who performs masculinity, by means of dress and mannerism, typically for public performance and entertainment. See also gender revolutionary.

drag leg meaning and definition

To take someone ankles and drag them into a dark room, usually done as a prank to someone afraid of the dark.

dragma meaning and definition

1. Drag grandma 2. My arch nemesis. 3. Old man in drag.

drag me meaning and definition

Basically, "hate all you want."

Drag Me To Hell meaning and definition

a movie about some chick that gets cursed, the she gets scared, blah blah.. meets people that help her ris the curse of her.


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