Drama Teacher meaning and definition

Drama Teacher meaning

God; Jesus's Homeboy; Can beat Chuck Norris in a staring contest; Knows his real name; has never lost The Game.

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Dramma meaning and definition

The type of girl that's sexy and beautiful. Once you get to know her you will never want to let her go. She is captivating, irresistible, and she will always amaze you. She's tough, gorgeous, and will always protect her friends and loved ones. She loves the beach and her hair shines like gold in the sunlight. Make sure you get to know her because when you really, truly know her, you will definitely want to be her friend.

Drapetomania meaning and definition

The overwhelming urge to run away.

draven height meaning and definition

An ugly peace of shit that cheats on girls

Dravenstormn meaning and definition

A recently discovered cross breed of a warlock and biker. These two elements merge together to form the biggest fake quitter in modern human history. Just when you think you got rid of him, Dravenstormn stealthily comes back to shit down your throat. Dravenstormn is known to seek shelter in "tsg clan chat", but does not last long when matched against irc flame veterans.

draves meaning and definition

a person who has done everything or knows someone who has. also very passive aggressive. also the result of deficating


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