da spicy food meaning and definition

da spicy food meaning

stuff you smoke when your about to get drug tested and want to get high. then you have to say "Da Spicy Food" with great emphasism and raise your voice greatly.

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Dasvidaniya meaning and definition

The Russian word for goodbye.Or you could say it just to be like Viktor from Yuri!!! On Ice.

dat ass meaning and definition

(ajd.) Very good, high quality, or satisfactory. Derived from describing a woman with a nice butt as having "that ass".

dat ass tho meaning and definition

When yo squad seeing that ass they all say "dayum, dat ass tho".

Date-able meaning and definition

1) A Christian book about teenage relationships. 2) A message board about the book "Dateable" on which anybody who has an opinion is banned for life.

datemate meaning and definition

A significant other that does not identify as male or female. Also see: genderfriend


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