dafuq meaning and definition

dafuq meaning

what the fuck , but in a more confused manner

dafuq meaning

A semi-meme, cousin of lolwut. It's something you say when you are either: Disturbed, confused, angry, scared, ect. It's like saying "wtf" only more bad ass.

dafuq meaning

1. a shortened term of the colloquialism "what the fuck". 2. used in several popblogs such as dafuq.biz and dafuq-posts.tumblr.com to indicate comedic or bizarre content. 3. An internet meme caption attached to images to indicate the image is comedic or bizarre to societal norms. Commonly seen on popblog icanhascheezburger.com.

dafuq meaning

What the fuck?

dafuq meaning

A popular phrase originating from popular hood slang "what da fuck" or more commonly known "what the fuck" Usually used in texts and comments on unusual or weird things.

dafuq meaning

The word commonly used by Luke Hemming in "Let Me Just Double Check" on Wattpad

dafuq meaning

Short for "The fuck?"

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