daily report meaning and definition

daily report meaning

after going munber 2. to tell someone about your bowel movement. the shapes, sizes,colors, and textarity of it all.

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daily ricer meaning and definition

contrary to its close relative, the rice rocket, a daily ricer is a car manufactured by Asian automakers with no performance enhancing stickers or giant drag inducing fins. These cars are used most commonly for driving to and from work. Usually powered by small four cylinder engines they are great on fuel and don't cost a lot of money to drive.

daily romer meaning and definition

a routine morning shit

daily serving of fruit meaning and definition

A term of endearment of everyone's favorite gay friend; your daily conversation you have with your token gay friend

daily show meaning and definition

satirical news show on comedy central with jon stewart that is extrememly witty.

daily star meaning and definition

Shite British tabloid that focuses on C-list celebrities and the plight of the average joe to become semi-famous. Marginally better than the sun, due to the fact it has good coverage of horse racing.


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