damn girl meaning and definition

damn girl meaning

when a girl is really super sexy or is doing something really super sexy.

damn girl meaning

Origin of Language: EbonicsIt is an expression used when a gentlemen finds a woman with a nice ass attractive. It is often used when other subtle words are not enough to express what is making their erection uncontrollable. Usually this expression is opinionated loudly so the other sex can hear and give them a reply of anger or consent.

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damn son meaning and definition

A common sample used in EDM/trap music and also an expression used when your homeboy shows you the brand new trap mix he just found and it's awesome.

damn you meaning and definition

A common phrase expressing frustration or annoyance with someone or hatred, cursing him/her. Pretty self-explanatory.

Damn you Dave meaning and definition

When things are going wrong and you need someone to blame. Dave is a fictional character on which you can reflect your anger, the universal 'baddy'. Originating from the 'Lost' episode 'Dave', wherein Dave is Hurley's imaginary friend, telling him to disobey his doctors. In social media, #damnyoudave has been a trending topic for a few days in june 2015.

Dana meaning and definition

Dana - noun - Celtic goddess who is the most beautiful woman to ever live in the history of mankind. Has the ability to drive a certain man crazy with her beauty, sensuality, wit, charm, humor, honesty, intellect, character, kindness, and love. Also has the ability to mely rocks, steel, and even diamonds with the hottness she radiates. Is able to cause a certain man to become incapable of resisting whatever request she sees fit to ask of him with her angelic eyes.HOTT - noun - *see "Dana" HOTT - verb - *also see "Dana" HOTT - adjective - used to describe Dana *also see "Dana"

Dança do Créu meaning and definition

A dance usually done by cute animals i.e cats. It was performed by Mc Creu.


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